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How to Install a Rod Pocket Valance?

Installation Guide for Rod Pocket Valance Curtain Set

Instruction-window frame measurement 

Two rods 

We recommend two single rods rather than a double rod set: One for the valance with swags and tails, and the other for the two curtain panels. This way, you have more flexibility in adjusting height, width and projection (distance from the wall). The valance rod should be fixed wider, higher, and projected further away from the wall than the panel rod.

    Curtain Rod Bracket Installation

    Brackets Installation 

    The brackets for the panel rod should be installed at least 3'' below and inside those for the valance rod. This way, we can make sure the valance can fully cover the curtain panels.

    Valance and Curtains Rod Pocket Installation

    Brackets Installation(side view) 

    The brackets for valance rod should be at least 3'' longer than those for the panel rod. This way, we can leave some clearance between the valance and the underneath curtain panels.

    Curtain Panel Rod Pocket Guide

    Rod for Curtain Panels

    Slide the panel rod through the rod pocket on the panels.  

    Instruction-swags and tails curtain set

    Panel Look

    Hang the panel rod onto the lower rod brackets. 

    Rod Pocket Valance Installation Guide  

    Rod for Valance

    Slide the valance rod through the rod pocket on the valance. 

    Valance Curtain Rod Bracket Installation

    Complete Look

    Hang the valance rod onto the upper rod brackets. Shape the swags from the top side to the lower center in a "U" shape to smooth out the curves and folds. 

    You are done! Enjoy your beautiful window treatment.

    For valances of 130'' or wider, there will be an opening at the back of the rod pockets in case you need an extra bracket to support the rod.