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Choosing a color

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color. Use as much or as little as you like. Let
your colorful personality show through as you decide on colors for your windows.
Before making a color choice, try to visualize what you want your completed
window to look like. What atmosphere do you want to set? Yellow portrays warmth,
and harmony. It lifts your spirit. Yellows of all shades can brighten up the smallest
space and make it look larger. Red is energetic and invigorating. At times it may
be too intense to use in large amounts. Use it sparingly for just a touch of energy.
Blues and green are warm and inviting. These colors can be used in any room.

White exudes innocence and tranquility. It creates a peaceful, serene atmosphere.
Combining various textures of white enhances the soothing affects of the color.
When choosing colors for window treatments be sure you choose colors you can
live with. No one wants to invest their time, energy and money in purchasing and
installing window treatments only to find that they hate the color!