About us - How The Best Online Curtain Shop Started

CELUCE is a boutique window treatment store based in Seattle, WA, providing the best quality luxury curtains and drapes at the lowest prices.  The goal of the studio---as suggested by its name (meaning "there is light" in Italian) ---is to light up modern homes with designs filled with classical elegance.

It all started after I moved into my new house. There are many windows in the house and I looked everywhere for nice designer draperies. For the master bedroom and the living room, I wanted something more elegant and beautiful. Curtains from IKEA and Bed Bath & Beyond are cheap enough, but they simply do not sit well in more formal settings. Department stores and higher end stores like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware carry nice linen or silk panels between $500-$1000 a set, but these curtains tend to be plain.

Eventually, I saw a gorgeous one-swag valance at Ethan Allen, and fell in love immediately.  Sadly, I was told that it is only a non-sale showpiece, and swag and tails had to be custom ordered and the price would be so exuberant that they did not even have a ballpark figure.  It sounded to me like ‘if you had to ask for the price, you probably couldn’t afford’.  It was that moment when I thought to myself: there has to be a better way.

What followed was a whirlwind of activities that led to the birth of CELUCE: I flew over 30,000 miles to the sources of materials and workshop sites; sifted through thousands of fabric samples; recruited the most experienced tailors and seamstresses; spent countless long hours at the workshop to work out the design and process; and figured out the logistics and got this web site built. It has been a year long gestation with lows and highs, but the amazing final products make everything worthwhile. I hope that you feel the same and like everything that you see on this site.

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