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Curtain Instructions

Instruction-window frame measurement

Window frame measurement:

Measure window frame width and the height from the top window frame to the floor


Hung curtain panels:

If you want the drapery to cut the floor, find the middle point of the window frame and fix the panel rod brackets so that each bracket is 100'' vertically from the floor and 47''-48'' horizontally from the middle of the window frame.  If you like more puddle style, subtract several inches from the curtain length as you measure. 

Installation-swags and tails

Hung swags and Tails:

Swags and tails should be hung outside and above the curtain panel rod. Fix the brackets for swags and tails 3''-4'' to the left and right of the panel rod brackets, and 3''-16'' above the panel rod brackets depending on the ceiling height. 

Shape the swags:

Pay attention to the edge between a swag and the rod pocket, and you will find small pockets with lockstitches on both left and right ends.  Push the left side pockets of a swag to the left and right ride pockets to the right so that the lockstitches won't show up on the front. Once the pockets are pushed inside, the folds are created automatically on the top edges. Smooth the fold from the top sides to the lower center in a "U" shape and do it for every fold in a swag. 

Instruction-swags and tails curtain set

Swags and Tails curtain set:

Put panels and valance on both rods and exam the complete look. 

1. swags and tails are hung at least 3'' above curtain panels; can be up to 16'' at most;

2. swags and tails should be wider than curtain panels, the panels won't show to the left or right of the tails;

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