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Why Ce Luce curtains?

  • We select the most beautiful and best fabrics and concentrate on the craftsmanship and meticulous details.  We have been through versions of process alterations and optimizations, which guarantee that each curtain set is a piece of art.

  • We boast on our craftsmanship that the back of the curtains looks as fabulous as the font. Different from cheaper versions elsewhere, our curtain sets not only brings royal and romantic touch inside your home, they also create a gorgeous curb appeal that will make all your neighbors jealous.

  • We believe that loving beautiful things should not be penalized by paying ridiculously expensive prices.  A lot of classic beauties are becoming extinct due to the increasing costs and lacking of craftsmanship. It is people’s nature to yearn for the beauty in life, and it is our mission to allow people to enjoy those beauties at an affordable prices.

  • Curtains by Celuce are one of a kind and you can’t find it anywhere else. Each pattern has limited quantities, making them unique window treatments especially for you.
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