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Where to buy Swags and Tails?

  • Interior designers: a convenient but quite expensive choice.  Designers usually come to your home and customize a design based on your home placements.  They also bring along a variety of fabric and style choices. A Valance curtain set with swags and tails from Ethan Ellen designers costs around $6000 for a window measurement of 100''x100''.

  • Department store:  It is the first choice coming in mind regarding buying curtains but unfortunately you can’t find any good swag and valance curtains in the department store. Curtains available in stores are basic style ready-made drapes. You can purchase decent quality drapes from Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware between $200 and $1000.

  • Online website:  Fortunately there are some other choices you have if you don’t want to spend a fortune but still want premium quality swag valance curtains.  You can either customize your curtains through websites like or at the cost of around $3000 for a decent size window measurement.  Alternatively, you can choose ready made swag valance curtain sets from websites like