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Why choose C'È LUCE curtains? - Best Custom WIndow Treatments Online

  • You see before you buy. Swag-and-tail styles are usually only available through costly, prolonged process of custom orders, but Celuce makes it possible for you to just buy and hang our ready-made or instant online custom order collection. You can take the hassle and guess work out of custom orders. Classic elegance without the fuss!
  • Easy Installation. It is as easy as putting on regular curtain panels. Just slide the rod through the rod pocket of the valance and you are done! 

  • One stop custom order. Custom ordering window treatment has been made so easy on Celuce website. Please check out our new custom order section. Meanwhile, our large selection of styles and sizes covers most of the window sizes and allows instant purchases. Ready made or custom order are made equally simple. Meanwhile, we keep making enhancements to make the shopping experience better.
  • Quality Material meets Quality Craftsmanship.  We select the most beautiful and best fabrics and concentrate on the craftsmanship and meticulous details.  We have been through iterations of process alterations and improvements, which guarantees that each curtain set is a piece of art.

  • Stunning look on both sides.  We boast top-notch craftsmanship, resulting in the back of the curtains looking as fabulous as the front. Different from cheaper alternatives elsewhere, our curtain sets not only brings a royal and romantic touch to your home, but they also create a gorgeous curb appeal that will make all your neighbors jealous.

  • Luxury made affordable.  We believe that loving beautiful things should not come at a ridiculously high cost. A lot of beautiful classic styles are becoming extinct due to the increasing costs and the lack of craftsmanship. It is human nature to yearn for the beauty in life, and we made it our mission to make those beauties available at affordable prices. Instead of paying high premiums for custom window treatments, you save thousands of dollars by purchasing gorgeous ready-made curtain sets directly from Ce Luce.

  • One of a kind.  You can’t find these curtain sets anywhere else. Each pattern has limited quantities, making it a unique window treatment specially yours.