Where to buy luxury valance curtains with swags and tails?

Right here at C'È LUCE Design! Fine window treatments such as the swag valance drapes offered by C'È LUCE will become an integral and lasting part of a home's interior.  But the limited options available and the typical expense associated might deter the homeowners from getting their dream drapes.  The options could differ greatly in choices, quality, and price. 

  • Department store:  Often it is the first option that would come to mind when looking to buy curtains, but unfortunately you can’t find any good ready-made swags and tails valance curtains in the department store. Curtains available in stores are basic style ready-made curtain panels. 
  • Local curtain shop: this option, a common association with custom draperies, is typically rather costly.  Not only do you need to pay high premiums for the local custom orders, you need to go through all the hassles of consultation visits and live with the guess works of how the finished products would actually look like. As an example, a valance curtain set with swags and tails from Ethan Allen designers costs more than $6000 for a single window measurement of 100''x100''.

  •  at a small fraction of the comparable prices, you will get premium quality swag valance curtains for your dream home. We are designers and manufactures, selling online direclty to customers. We believe in saving the distribution and retailing costs for our customers.  

This style, quality, price comparison matrix should help you navigate between the options.

This matrix is rough estimation based on a 100''x100'' window measurements with a swag valance and two curtain panels

Swag and Tails


Tassel Fringes


Premium Quality


Pottery Barn

$300 - $1000

Restoration Hardware

$400 - $1200




$200 - $1000

Ethan Allen

$1000 - $6000

Smith and Noble

$3000 - $6000

Local Curtain Shop

$6000 - $10000


$400 - $1300

We offer beautiful window treatment for standard-sized windows, arch windows, bay windows, over-sized windows ( as wide as 200'') for your convenience. Simply select the styles and sizes you want and checkout directly on the website.

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