Feng Shui and Color

This topic is for readers who are interested in Feng Shui and want to use color to shift the energy at home.

The right feng shui use of colors can do wonders for any home or office. We are all in love with color, and we all respond to color in more or less predictable ways. Feng shui takes the use of color to the next level, where each color brings the desired feng shui energies to a space, the energies needed to bring harmony and balance.

There are five Feng Shui elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

Red color series – fire element – passion and high energy

Energy: Helps bring supporting energy to all your career efforts and achieve recognition. Also helps nourish inner warmth.

Best location: South, Northeast and Southwest

Colors: Red, orange, pink, purple

White color series – metal element – clarity and preciseness Energy: Helps bring sharpness and efficiency and reduce distractions.

Best location: North, West and Northwest

Colors: White, grey


Yellow color series – earth element - nourishment and stability

Energy: Helps create stability and calm protection for all your relationships. Also helps maintain one’s health and inner balance.

Best location: Northeast, Southwest and Center

Colors: Yellow, beige, sandy color

Blue color series – water element – ease and abundance Energy: Helps bring refreshing energy and wealth

Best location: North, East, and Southeast

Colors: Blue, black

Green color series – wood element – growth and vitality Energy: Helps bring vibrant health, growth and wealth.

Best location: East, Southeast, and South

Colors: Green, brown

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