How to install a flip-pole valance curtain set?

Flip Pole Swag Valance Installation Instructions

What’s needed

Pole swag valance

Pole (rod) for the valance (not included)

Basic Assembly

Instruction-Flip Pole Swag Valance Installation 

Swag Connector

The connector strip combines a swag with another swag or a tail. They are pre-attached for your convenience.

There are two pairs of elastic band pockets on the back of the connector strip for rods of either 1'' or 2'' in diameter.

    Flip Pole Swag Valance Installation 2

    Rod Insert

    The elastic band pockets are designed to anchor the rod so that it is easy for you to adjust the relative positions of swags or tails on the rod. Simply slide the rod through the pockets.

    Flip Pole Swag Valance Installation 3

    Flip over for the front look

    Flip over one swag so that both swags have the face fabric facing the front and lining facing the back.  

    Flip Pole Swag Valance Installation 4

    Hang the valance

    Put the rod onto the supporting brackets and adjust the distance so that each swag is spreaded out evenly. Comb through the folds on the swags with your hands to make the swags look smooth and beautiful.

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