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Curtain Layering

A simple valance used alone at a window is sometimes all that is needed. At other
times, you may want to add multiple treatments on a window. Layering is a good
way to bring flair and elegance to a room; it can also increase energy efficiency.
Combining lined panels with sheers and topping off with swags or valances can
create a dramatic room transformation. However, the benefits of layering extend
far past aesthetics. Layering offers a defense against unwanted noise from traffic
and neighboring activities. Fabric treatments are better sound barriers than those
constructed of hard materials. Layered treatments help keep you cooler in hot
weather and insulate against heat loss in the winter.

Don’t forget the curb appeal...
When considering window treatments we most often visualize how a room looks
from the inside. Increase curb appeal by lining window treatments that face the
street with either white or natural for a finished look. When using unlined panels
you can still maintain a uniformed facade by using sheers that are white or natural
underneath your panels.

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