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Curtain Lining

Curtain linings are often taken for granted. However, they are crucially important and provide many different functions.

Protection provided. Linings protect face fabrics from direct sunlight, dirt and moisture.

To a long, healthy life.  Linings also promote good health because they provide the dark, quiet environment that is important for quality sleep.

Energy savings = cost savings. The air pockets in the extra layering that drapery linings provide insulate windows, blocking solar heat gain during the summer or in warm climates and reducing drafts during the winter.

Privacy, please. In this time of heightened security awareness, drapery linings prevent wandering eyes from peering into your home. Silhouettes that can be seen through most draperies at night are eliminated.

Better curtain shapes. Linings provide fullness in a curtain, making the panels drape more naturally.