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Curtains Vs. Blinds

  • You can have both! 

  • Beautiful fabrics always bring a romantic touch to the room while blinds can have a militant feel with the standardized look.

  • You can move your curtains with you to a new home while blinds are more permanent. 

  • If you feel like switching window treatments for a different color, fabric, or style, it is much easier to do with curtains than blinds.

  • Curtains can have different layers such as panel, voile, valances or pelmets, allowing different degrees of sunlight into the room at different hours according to your preference. Blinds are stricter in blocking out sunlight or let it in completely.
  • Luxury draperies tend to increase the house value when you plan to sell it. True stories from our clients:  the buyers were so impressed with the beautiful valance curtains that they agreed to a higher price but insisted on keeping all the curtains. 

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