How to Measure a Window for Window Treatment?

Window treatment

How to measure a window?

  • Measure the entire window wall and all the elements contained within it. It may also be necessary to measure adjoining walls if they will affect the design of the treatment.
  • Always use a steel tape measure for accuracy.
  • Measure the projection of the casing and other millwork and adjust the return of the treatment, if needed, to accommodate their depth.
  • Window width refers to the width of the window frames.
  • Window height refers to the height from the top of the window frame to the floor.

Curtain measurements

Measuring for an outside-mounted treatment

  • Check to see how long your brackets need to be to clear the window frame. Some window frames have crown molding or millwork that need extra projection from wall.
  • Overall curtain length is a matter of personal preference and need not be exact. If you have not yet installed your rod, you can adjust the placement of your rod, a little higher or lower, to get the bottom of the curtain to fall where you want at 
    your window.

  • When measuring for rod pockets or rods with rings, remember to adjust the length accordingly. 
Rod pocket finished length = panel length – diameter of rod
  • Add center or multiple support brackets on wide or heavy treatments. 

Window Fit Example Celuce Design

For ordering a floor length window treatment from us, you need to add 6'' to the window width for valance only and 10''-12'' for valance + drape panels. On the product page, once you select the type and size of a product, we will automatically calculate the maximum window width that the selected window treatment might fit.

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